A convincing case for a smart thermostat from my son

I knew that I had a smart kid. But man, he sure was a pill before he went off to college. The kid was just so unique. There was a time when I couldn’t kick him out of the central air conditioning because he was always studying. But once he had the scholarships and college acceptance nailed down, he was already checked out at home. It was as though he made his own rules or at least thought he did. I wasn’t looking to crush any hard earned confidence, but he had to stick to our rules to live in the central air conditioning of our home. He did and we enjoyed his senior year more than we didn’t. But when my son finally got to his preferred school and into a dorm with radiant heating, he just blossomed. It’s like he found his passion and had an unlimited ability to chase it. That’s where all the smarts came in as he was just killing it with his grades. He’s now a sophomore and ended up giving me a lesson in HVAC technology when he was home on winter break. And that led to be getting some HVAC technology that should really help me save on air conditioning costs this summer. My son broke it down for me when it came to the smart thermostat. He knew all about them and made such a convincing argument for having the smart thermostat. So much so that I called the HVAC company and had that smart thermostat installed. We don’t need much heating so I haven’t yet seen what this thing can do. But summer is coming and so is all that air conditioning. I’m betting my kid is right and I save a bundle.


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