A few gas furnaces to sell this week

I woke up this afternoon at 6am with songs on my mind.

This happens a lot because the two of us are making songs each week and some of the songs I listen to a lot before going to sleep and they get stuck in my mind! Music is kind of taking over my life, and I am totally enjoyable with that, especially if it goes anywhere down the road.

All of us have been a band now for about a year and the two of us have improved so much in that phase of time, and if the two of us can improve that much again then local corporations will be next. All of us want to start touring once the two of us have another hour of songs, however then again the two of us can improv most songs on the spot. The cooling business told us that she will have us do songs there when they have their Heating and Air Conditioning sales afternoon. I believe the two of us are going to be doing gigs all over the country in the next year or so as a lot of people particularly seem to savor the type of songs the two of us are making. I want to play in the summer time in a room with a mini split cooling system component so that the two of us aren’t so hot. During the winters the two of us are going to go to the mountains and chase the skiers. All of us will need a good furnace or fireplace to keep us warm in the lodges while the two of us play songs for all the ridiculous skiers. I did sit up for 15 years and have no fear of trying whatever on phase so I need to take advantage of this freedom.

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