A hard job makes me glad for A/C

I work at a warehouse where we have to unload heavy construction materials from trucks nearly every day.

It is extremely arduous work that works just about every muscle in your body and tires me out every day without fail. I get paid quite handsomely though, and I manage to stay fit without any additional exercise, which is probably not surprising to hear! I really appreciate the fact that my work week is only four days out of the week, though it is a 10-hour shift for each of those four days. My last day of work is Thursday, and I don’t have to return until Monday. For those 4 days, I don’t have the strength to do anything more than come home, take a shower, prepare a hasty meal, and collapse in bed. I might be able to watch about 20 minutes of a show on a streaming service before my eyes close and I pass out. If there’s one thing that I’ve come to appreciate dearly when I get home from work, it’s my air conditioner. I make sure that my A/C is maintained extremely well, because I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to come home after a long, hot day at work to a house that has no air conditioner! While at work, we don’t have the benefit of an effective air conditioner outside the warehouse or even inside the warehouse, so we have to improvise. We put wet towels in the freezer of the break room, for example, and then we take them out and put them around our necks sometimes. It’s quite the relief. We also have to wear a lot of anti chafing powder! That stuff is like gold around here. Anyway, that’s why I’m so glad that I get to go home to an air conditioned house!
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