A new HVAC was part of their demands

Multiple years ago, my hubby as well as myself had to install a new heating as well as air conditioning method in our home. My buddy as well as my self decided to sell the house now because both of us didn’t need such a big place with all of the kids being gone. There was really no longer a need for several bathrooms and multiple bedrooms. The two of us wanted to have an apartment or condo with more than one kitchen and more than one bath. During the pandemic the buyer’s market was difficult and my associate as well as myself even tried to sell the house under different names. My buddy as well as myself are now back at it again and we have had a couple of people look at the house once in a while. It is frustrating that we had a couple that wanted to buy the house as long as we would install a brand new heating and air conditioning method. The two of us easily told the realtor that our heating and air conditioning method was only several years old however she said the buyers wanted something brand new that they chose. Later I talked to a different realtor for a second prospective buyer. She wanted them to come look at the house and inspect everything. The buyer agreed to meet us and we had the heating and air conditioning system tested. They didn’t seem to mind that there was that work all over the house and were actually happy with the placement of the mini split and ductless heating and air conditioning system


a/c care plan