A rooftop HVAC repair

Chip was the best heating and A/C business in the land, always up for a challenge no matter how windy it got up there.

  • One day, Chip was fixing a big, seasoned heating and A/C component on top of a building when he heard some noise.

It was the sound of children giggling and talking as if they were seeing something fun. Chip looked around as well as saw a little girl named Jasmine and her friends seeing Aladdin on a TV through a window. Chip easily didn’t know her name was Jasmine but she was dressed up as her. Now, Chip appreciated Aladdin as much as the next guy, but he knew he had a task to do. So, he put on his work gloves, grabbed his tools, and got back to work. He climbed up on the rooftop and began tinkering away at the old heating and A/C unit. It wasn’t simple, but Chip was determined. He fixed the wiring and updated some broken parts and before he knew it, the heating and A/C component was running like new. Chip smiled and wiped the sweat from his forehead. He then looked over at Jasmine and his friends, who were still glued to the TV. Chip waved at them as well as said, “Hey kids, how about we turn off the TV and enjoy this fresh, cool air that our repaired heating and A/C component is now pumping out?” Jasmine and his friends looked at Chip with amazement. They didn’t recognize that heating and A/C repairmen were such heroes! They thanked Chip as well as started to play on the rooftop, enjoying the cool breeze. And from that day on, Chip was known as the superhero of the rooftop. He saved the day, one heating and A/C component at a time.
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