Actually too much of a great thing; basement is too cold

When I came up to visit my Dad at apartment for a while I was expecting that the outdoor air temperature would be a relief.

I personally live down in the South where it’s oppressively sizzling plus humid every day while in the summer; More significantly, the Summer lasts for most of the year.

After 6 months of high temperatures plus equally high humidity, you beginning to get sick of the whole ordeal. That’s when I decided it would be a great idea to go see my Dad in the far North plus appreciate some of the cooler, less humid conditions, and well, that hasn’t worked out in any way; Since I got here, it has only gotten hotter every single day. It’s actually more miserable outside here than it is back in my semi-tropical apartment town. Because the outdoor air quality has been so terrible, there is been no choice however to use the central cooling system every day. This would normally be fine, except I have been staying in the ice chilly basement. When I say ice cold, I mean that it’s inherently severely chilly plus moist down there. When the air conditioning is running, the downstairs climate is uncomfortably bitter with cold air. I literally cannot be down there unless I am covered in a pile of heavy blankets. As such, I have to stay upstairs with my Dad to find the right level of indoor air quality control. It’s good to have such chilly conditions for sleeping at night, however I am worried about my indoor air whenever I do go back home.


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