Adding heated flooring to the master bath

I recently replaced our master washroom.

I changed everything there.

I got a current toilet plus had it turned. I replaced the window with a newer model. I purchased recessed lighting, current vanity lights, a current countertop plus replaced the entire shower with a glass surround, then my number one addition is the flooring though, but before I had an ugly laminate floor. It was coming up in places plus didn’t scrub up certainly well. I also have a colorless, gray plus yellow theme in our house. The laminate was a beige color that certainly stood out! Now I have a light yellow penny cement that is just gorgeous. It makes the whole washroom practically gleam. I debated plus I decided to add heated flooring while we were in the construction process. I figured why not? The floor is so tiny plus I didn’t need to put electric heated mats where the shower was or under the vanity. It took hardly any mats to create ample heating in that area. It didn’t up our cost of the master washroom remodel that much. Now that I have heated flooring there, I certainly love it. There is something that is so nice about having heated toes when I pee at night. I love stepping out of th shower onto hot tile. It is fantastic brushing our teeth plus not needing socks anymore. I am looking at the rest of our flooring plus debating on making an replace. I want to have heating all throughout the house. I want to no longer require carpets or slippers inside.


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