Aging with my cooling system

It’s funny, well, not really, but when I’m walking down the street with my bandmate, all of the women look at him and not at me.

He is about 25 years younger than I am, which tells me that my time as the most handsome guy in the crowd is over.

I know it’s natural for women to be attracted to younger guys and not old guys like me, so I have to accept that I’m getting older and just deal with it with grace and dignity. Maybe I will get a facelift soon, haha. Even though I’m old, I still have work in heating and cooling, which is nice because it keeps me off the streets and keeps women from having to look at my old face. I still get looks, but it’s usually from older women and not from young girls anymore. As long as my friend and I can play music in temperature-controlled clubs, I don’t care who looks at us. I get a lot of joy from making songs and playing the drums while I sing, but not so much from how women look at me. I did get more attention from women when I was a Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) tech and diagnosed AC units for buyers in their homes. Now I am just that old guy who comes over to work on the condo and nothing more. I still feel young, though, and I can lift heavy space heaters and other things like that without getting tired. Not too disappointing for a 56-year-old.

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