Air conditioning savings is about the kilowatts

It all comes down to the load we put on our heat pump during the summer.

This is what I tried to get across to all of the members of my household.

I’m not big on family meetings but I called one last week. I just wanted to get out in front when it comes to the air conditioning use in our home. Unfortunately, it’s March and all those awesome sunny, mild days of winter are at an end. In its place comes the heat and humidity that this region is known for. But unlike years in the past, I’m not going to be the only one to do something about the utility costs related to cooling the house. That’s why I took the extraordinary step of calling a bit of a family meeting. We all gathered inside the central air conditioning of our home. Once we all sat at the table, I could tell everyone was a bit on edge because I don’t call these meetings. There was some instant relief when I explained that all I wanted to focus on was ways to cut kilowatt hours when it came to the heat pump. But as the kids were relaxing, I added that anything above the agreed upon air conditioning budget would be coming out of allowance. That got their attention back right fast. So I asked everyone to come up with one thing we can do to lessen the kilowatt hours when it comes to air conditioning. I gave them the example that using a fan results in less than a tenth of of the energy or kilowatts than the heat pump. I gave everyone 2 weeks to get back to me with their own ideas on how to save on air conditioning costs.

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