Air filters are finally here

I’m really thrilled because our HEPA filters came in the mail this week.

I’d ordered some air filters online a few weeks ago and now I finally got them, and I can’t wait to use these up-to-date air filters.

These are those HEPA filters, which are different from the disposable air filters that I normally use. I now have a filter that is much better at catching, and getting rid of particles and bacteria that are found in your indoor air, which is what I like about having a HEPA filter. Because I live in a more rural section, I decided to go ahead and buy some of these online because I’m not close to a heating supplier. The entire time after I bought them I was eagerly awaiting their arrival, and the reason I really needed them so fast was because the old filter that I have in our central heating and AC plan was really dirty and I needed to have it changed out if I wanted to be able to use it. I could tell that it was having an impact on our air quality and I wanted to get our air quality high once again. So when our package arrived, I was excited to have it. It was the first time for me ordering these air filters online, however it was a really great experience. I thought of more than two other Heating, Ventilation, and A/C products I could also order online, which will save me from having to go all the way into town to buy them.


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