All plumbing repairs are an emergency.

When my toilet broke, it was the worst time to have any breakdown.

My daughter was having a sleepover, and I didn’t want the kids running up and down the steps.

They were having the party in the basement, and that was the bathroom that was broken. I called the local plumber and told him I had an emergency plumbing repair. He laughed and told me that when it came to plumbing repairs, they were all an emergency. I told him about the slumber party and asked if there was any way he could possibly fix the toilet before the kids started arriving. He asked how old the kids were. I told him there were fifteen screaming teenaged girls, and I wanted them in the basement where there was sound proofing. He laughed and said he could be at the house within an hour and do the plumbing repairs. From what I told him, the main problem was that there was a blockage in the pipe that was causing the toilet to overflow. I didn’t care what the problem was; I just wanted it fixed. An hour later, the plumber was at the house working on the toilet. He called my husband downstairs and asked if he had lost something. Someone had tried to flush a singing fish down the toilet. He said his kids hated the thing, and maybe they were afraid he would show the fish to his daughter’s friends. The plumber was surprised it could get in the toilet drain, but it was no longer attached to the base.


All plumbing repairs are an emergency.