Assisted Living Facility Slow to Fix Air Conditioning

My Grandpa lives in an assisted living facility.

He has a bit of senility that makes him need a extra supervision plus care, plus he refuses to live with family.

He’s got a cozy room, with sleeping plus living areas, a little refrigerator plus a microwave. Meals are taken in the dining hall. A housekeeper cleans once a week. They even have games, dances, plus trips too. I easily thought this would be a wonderful venue for Grandpa, until I visited him last month. The drive to see Grandpa takes two hours each way, so I only have time to visit him every two weeks. And, for two weeks in a row, my Grandpa had no a/c. The facility shared the Heating and Air Conditioning units plus controlled the temperatures. The first time that I visited plus Grandpa had no cooling system, the outside temperatures were only in the middle eighties. When I walked into the hallway that led to his room, I observed it was tepid plus stuffy. He told me that the a/c would beginning working again soon plus he saw no need to open a window! Knowing that my Grandpa liked to be warm, I didn’t say anything about the temperatures. But, when I went to visit him again, Grandpa still had no a/c. The outside temperatures reached the nineties that day. I walked around looking for someone to complain to. I observed the reception area, offices, plus dining hall were all cool plus air conditioned. I got suspicious. It turned out that the luxury suites also had a/c! Imagine that. Only the residents paying less currency had no a/c. I found the administrator plus complained. Two hours later, Grandpa had cooling system, plus I was looking for a modern home for him.


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