Awful snow storm

I live in a part of the country that has a legitimately extreme winter season season.

  • It has been like this my entire life plus to be tolerable I entirely dislike the cold weather, but I just can’t see myself moving out of the town I grew up in.

I want to raise a family close to my family so I just planning on staying here forever, but normally the winter season weather starts to get poor around October plus doesn’t let up until May or May; When I say my friend and I have extreme winter season weather, I am not joking around, however last year my friend and I got around twenty inches of snow in the worst snowstorm my town has ever seen. I was not able to leave my home for about two weeks because the snow had gotten so high. Luckily I was able to have my boiler checked by the local Heating plus A/C supplier before this terrible snow storm hit, but my family gathered at my home because I had the most reliable heating plus cooling system out of the group. It was close quarters having my entire family in my small home for over two weeks but it was entirely fantastic bonding time for us all plus my friend and I were able to stay harshly warm. My boiler was in fantastic shape plus was running like a champ the entire time my friend and I were snowed in. I will never go separate from typical boiler service for this reason. I had various friends who said their boilers stopped working in the middle of the storm. I don’t suppose my friend and I would have survived in my home if that had happened to us!


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