Before we sold our house, they wanted new HVAC installed.

Three years ago, my husband had a brand new HVAC system installed in the house.

We were talking about selling the house, because we were empty nesters, and no longer needed a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house.

We wanted a smaller house with two bedrooms and two baths. When the pandemic hit, it was hard to sell a house, so we quit trying to sell it until after the pandemic. We are now trying to sell the house again. We had several people look at the house, and two of them wanted to place a bid on the house. What upset us was before they would buhy the house, was they wanted a new HVAC system installed first. I tried to tell the realtor the HVAC system was only three-years-old, but she said those were the stipulations. I refused to sell the house if I had to have a new HVAC installed. We talked to the realtor of the second prospective buyer. She told me they wanted to have an HVAC inspector come to the house, and inspect the HVAC system before they bought the house. I agreed with the buyer wanting to have the HVAC system inspected, and three days later the HVAC contractor was at the house. He said the HVAC system was in excellent condition and looked like it hadn’t been used. I even had the HVAC maintenance agreement that still had another year left on it. They were a young family, and it didn’t take long for them to decide they wanted the house. We had our home picked out down my the lake, and were more than happy to sell quickly. We knew we would be out of the house within two months, and put a downpayment on our new house, with the remainder paid when we made settlement.
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