Ben is a top notch electrical contractor

The girls and Kelly have been missing Ben a great deal.

He has been gone for the last 7 days because of all of the storms that are on the west coast.

The storms have brought lots of rain, as well as snow in the higher elevations. Ben is an electrical repair professional. Most of the time he works on the lines that run from the street to the homes and businesses. When there are repairs that need to be made in emergency situations, he is among the electrical repair professionals that are needed present. Ben was gone half of the Summer last year because of hurricanes in the southeast. This is really the longest that he has been gone since then, especially during winter. The West Coast does not normally get high levels of rain. They have had a soaking amount of water. Dams, rivers, and reservoirs are all at their peak amount and spilling over. Kelly and the girls are lucky that they have not lost any electricity at all during the storm. They had a day when they thought things were going to be bad, but they were ecstatic to see that they did not lose any power. The worst time for Kelly and the girls to lose electricity in their home is when Ben isn’t there. He’s the guy who takes care of all of the electrical repairs in their house. If he is gone, Kelly has to contact a regular service electrician and representative to come to their home.
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