Bus has broken Heating, Ventilation plus A/C

Back in November I had to take a bus to go visit family for Thanksgiving, and it was a 3-hour bus ride, about an hour past my comfort limit, however all in all the experience wasn’t terrible.

I was absolutely cheerful to find that my bus was next to empty, meaning I got both seats in my part to myself instead of having to lay next to a stranger.

I brought a pillow and a blanket along with my carryon items so I could get comfortable, however I wish I had brought a heavier blanket, however when they first loaded most people onto the bus it was cold, although I assumed things would sizzling up after my friend and I had started moving and the bus’s heating system was turned on! However, after about half an hour I observed that the heating system still hadn’t kicked on on the bus and that the vents weren’t blowing any air at all. The bus driver didn’t say anything however as my friend and I neared the next station most people was asked to take their stuff and get off, then everything was transferred to another bus, taking about 15 minutes, and my friend and I were off again. The driver explained that after my friend and I had left the previous station he observed the bus’s Heating, Ventilation plus A/C device wasn’t functioning. There wasn’t an available bus to switch to back there so my friend and I had to get to the next station to switch. He apologized for the cold during the first part of the trip, at least, although he wasn’t to blame for the heating system not toiling. The rest of the trip went by separate from incident, and the heating on the new bus made things much more tolerable.


a/c worker