Bus needs higher heat

I’ve never liked having to ride on a bus for an extended period of time, but the fact of the matter is that it’s usually the most cost efficient method of travel for me so I have to deal with the uncomfortable trip as best as I can if I don’t want to spend a fortune on airline costs. With that said, I’ve done a lot of traveling via bus and have experiences trips upwards of 12 hours. Long distances are responsible for a lot of this, but layovers and complications along the way have also played their part in making an already exhausting trip worse. The conditions on the buses even when the trip goes well also leave something to be desired. The seats are often cramped together and uncomfortable, and there always seems to be someone snoring unbelievably loud. One of the biggest inconveniences I’ve face when traveling this way was when one bus had the absolute worst heating I’ve ever seen. The heater was barely on, despite it being November and cold, and the hot air from the vents dissipated before it could be blown on you. During a restroom stop, when the bus cleared out mainly for the smokers to step out for a few minutes, I went up to ask the busdriver about the poor heating. He apologized for my troubles and turned the heating on the bus up once we started going again, which made a world of a difference. Apparently the policy was that the bus drivers could only adjust the heating and cooling if requested by a passenger. While that was certainly a pain, I’ve unfortunately deal with even worse during my travels, but at least the buses are economical for my wallet.

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