Called for the cooling tune up

Yes, it’s mid January but it’s never too early to start thinking about getting the heat pump ready for the heat.

When you live in this region, the heat and humidity is never far from a single’s mind.

That’s because there is demand for a/c 8 weeks out of the year… Of course, it’s charming to be able to love the Winter time weeks and all this awesome weather. The heat pump stays mostly quiet all winter. There are a few instances where the heat pump will kick on to provide a bit of heating. But that’s not all that often. Our winters are super mild and incredibly attractive. For sure, it’s my favorite time of the year no doubt. Still, it will only be a couple of weeks before the rapidly changing temperatures begin to rise and a/c will be back in play. I prefer to stay on top of the HVAC maintenance. There are superb reasons for this approach, and consistent, seasonal HVAC maintenance is essential to residential HVAC performance and HVAC equipment longevity. I prefer to have the HVAC maintenance done in late October as just sort of a wind down from all the maintenance the heat pump did in the summer. And last week, I called to make an appointment for the a/c tune up to take place in the coming weeks. A well inspected heat pump is much more efficient and prepared for the giant work load that comes with heat and humidity season. The HVAC worker will do her thing in the coming weeks and I will be prepared when it’s time to flip the control equipment over to cooling.

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