Camping trip with portable ac

My brother loves to go camping.

This is something that we have never bonded over and I don’t really understand his obsession with being out in the woods all the time.

I normally just laugh at him when he invites me out to go camping with him and his friends, but when he asked me for the hundredth time last month I finally said I would go. However, I did have one stipulation about going and that was that I want to have a portable air conditioner in the tent. He laughed at me because he always thinks I am being a princess when it comes to camping. However, I told him that a portable air conditioner in our tent would really benefit us both because we would get all hot and sweaty while we were sleeping. My brother said that as long as I covered the cost of the portable air conditioner he didn’t care if I bought it along on the camping trip. I was really glad that he didn’t give me too hard of a time about the portable air conditioner, now I just needed to figure out where I was going to purchase one of these air conditioners. I called a local HVAC company and to my surprise they actually rented out these portable air conditioners so their customers didn’t have to actually purchase them. I rented one right away and now I can’t wait to go on the camping trip and be comfortable while I am sleeping in the tent.


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