Camping with no cooling system

I would like to take my family camping.

The problem is, I legitimately don’t like being boiling or cold.

I’m most comfortable when the atmosphere around me is about seventy-five degrees. That complicates our camping trip more than I expected it to. My friend and I don’t have a camper with a/c plus I don’t want to rent a cabin. I’m sure that if I looked difficult enough, I could find a cabin with a/c. But, after that I wonder, why bother? If I am going to take my family camping, I want them to have the whole outdoor experience, including tents, sleeping bags, plus bathing in a freshwater lake. I see no real point in allowing them to spend a afternoon on a lake plus then have a house cooked meal plus a/c at night. My friend and I can save our money plus do that at home. I thought that Spring camping in the mountains could be comfortable. I thought the uneven temperatures would be mild enough. I legitimately started to plan the trip. Then, winter time turned into summer time almost overnight. My friend and I legitimately had no Spring. But, fall is coming early, and, I am thinking about an Autumn camping trip in the mountains. But, then again, if my associate and I experience Indian Summer that weekend, I’ll be miserable the entire time. I was talking to my hubby about this plus she told me that there are portable air conditioners made that can be used for tents. I can even buy one that is battery operated, plus some of the batteries are even rechargeable. I was actually pleased to find out that I can take my family camping plus still be comfortable. Of course, I will try not to use the portable air conditioner. But, I will feel better knowing I have one with me.
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