Can’t Wait for my Extra Creamy Whole Milk Greek Yogurt

I normally eat kefir every morning because of the high concentration of probiotics in it, however this week I am going to treat myself to some extra creamy greek yogurt before I fly back home.

I suppose drinking kefir every afternoon is entirely helping my immune system as I don’t seem to get sick anymore. It could also be that I am on a zero sugar diet most of the time plus that I take ice water plunges every morning no matter the weather. Well, I can’t take ice water plunges in the Summer because the water isn’t cold enough, cooling systems can help you do the cold water plunges at home, however my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C corporation doesn’t pay me enough to be able to buy one of those excruciating boys. I will take the dips for the next few months plus should have my knees plus shoulders all ready for the upcoming volleyball season with all of my friends, and my electric heating system at condo is going to need a nice tune up soon, plus I will contact the new air conditioner plus heating corporation in my city to set it up. I have a much simpler life overseas plus am looking forward to getting back to my routine over there plus settling in once again for another year on the Spanish coast. The quality air conditioning system service corporation where I labor keeps me tied up about twenty hours a week, plus the rest of the time I am found on the beach or in the sea with one of my friends. Life is good.
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