Cat fights plus disinfect air quality

Well, our cats just got into a little fight again.

  • My roommate has a cat that isn’t very friendly, and it keeps attacking my cats when my friend and I let it out of her room.

Well, they just got into it again, but this time my one-year-old cat got her cat in the nose with one of its claws. My cats are a lot younger and faster than her fat older cat, so maybe now it will realize that it isn’t the king of the condo just because it is fatter. I got two black cats from a local supplier down the street. The local corporation that gave them to me told me to be careful because they are wild cats. I think maybe her cat will be less aggressive now that my cat beat it up. One point for the cool black cats in the house. I’m going to the heating company soon to get a new HEPA filter because the one I have now is full of cat hair and dust. It hasn’t been updated in years, so I think it’s long overdue for a change and not just a cleaning. I usually do it myself, but I think this time I’ll just have a Heating and A/C tech come out and switch it for me so I can keep an eye on the wild animals that are running my apartment. I have one more hour of work to do, and then my friend and I can go to the store and get a bunch of cat food and other things I need.



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