Crank ex’s smart temperature control, raise the energy bill

Every once in awhile I think that I can be a pretty vindictive guy.

I generally feel like I take the high road plus let people carry on with their best lives as they see fit.

However, every so often, I do get involved in some shenanigans that are a bit more resentful than necessary. For instance, when my old boss decided that he was going to deliver me a demotion plus reduce my pay, I decided that I was going to report his illegal spending to the government. When my oldest brother threw me under the bus plus told my mom about my modern boyfriend, I told his all about his weed dealing business. Most recently, I took the liberty to make some adjustments to my ex-boyfriend’s smart temperature control in response to his poor behavior during our cut up. Since he wanted to play games with me, I decided it was even-handed to play with his indoor Heating plus Cooling settings. I am fairly aware of his schedule, so I know when he isgoing to be out of the cabin plus I can safely adjust the indoor air temperature up or down. When I want to make sure he has a poor month, I adjust the central heating plus cooling system so that it’s running at actually high power during the day while he isout of the house, and by the time he returns home, the indoor air temperature is back to the normal settings. He has no idea that I cranked his AC plus forced air boiler on a regular basis. I think he has no clue why his energy costs have been two or three times higher since I left him.


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