Daughter got too crafty with her glitter

You really have to be careful how you are trying to entertain your kids these days. If you are anything like me, you are running out of ideas for keeping your children occupied during this long period away from public university. Whenever the pandemic started, we were enthusiastic to have so much quality time to spend with the kids at home. That sensation hastily decreased as the children got bored plus we got fed up with their constant whining. I’ve been doing my best to come up with new activities for all of the kids to participate in, however if you aren’t enjoying, this plan can really backfire. Recently, we had a disaster occur with my daughter plus a tube of glitter when it met the heating plus cooling system. She had been playing with glue plus glitter on construction paper on the floor when the phone rang. I answered the phone plus came back only a moment later. Five minutes later, a plume of glitter went flying into the kitchen air plus completely covered the room in a mess of sparkling powder. After my shock dissipated, I realized that the central cooling system was running plus somehow the glitter was shooting out of air vents. Every time the air conditioning unit turned on, more glitter seemed to appear from the expansive HVAC duct. It was littering our indoor air plus I could not imagine the harm it has done to the central HVAC system when it got stuck in the filters. I had no idea how all of this messy craft supply got into the air vents so hastily, until I asked my daughter. She proudly showed me the paper funnel that she had made to insert the superb glitter into every vent. For hours, I kicked myself for teaching her about funnels during our last interest morning.

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