Don't go down the path of making bad choices for your HVAC system

When it comes to particular things, I end up just making dumb decisions periodically.

  • In particular, if it has to do with my ego or currency, I’m prone to not easily know things the way I should.

That was easily the case when it came to a decision I made about my heating and air conditioning equipment; however, I do not think about what it is about me and think that I need to solve problems anywhere they exist… Even when I’m in the commercial heating and air conditioning office, it’s important that I have this need to be the go to guy, and that is just pure ego. This is something I had hoped I would sort of grow out of once I became a father and was in my late thirties! But I still have this need to want to solve any complication I find anywhere, then of course, that is irrational thinking but my ego can be irrational at times! When I factor in currency on top of that, I can see how I made a stupid error when it came to my heat pump; but not only did I want to solve the air conditioning problem, I wanted to save us currency by not calling the heating and air conditioning company. Both of those were easily stupid ideas. First of all, I have absolutely no training when it comes to residential heating and air conditioning. But that did not stop me when I came to the apartment to find air conditioning not toiling in my house. I immediately started trying to solve the complication without calling the heating and air conditioning professionals. But all this did was make a bad situation worse and end up costing me not only more currency but my heating and air conditioning warranty.

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