Duct sealing and cleaning is fun

Part of me really wants to move back home to the States to be around my family, but there is another part of me that feels just as strongly about living here overseas to pursue my dreams in music.

So which part do I listen to? It is really tough to try and live both places part time and I am trying to decide what to do, but maybe the answer will come up naturally and I’ll be guided in the right direction somehow. Maybe if I moved back home I’d find myself feeling empty working for the local contractor I was working for and running in that same old rat race as before. I moved over here eight years ago to do comedy and didn’t have this yearning to move back and be around my family and friends, and maybe this feeling came after my ex and I broke up a year ago. The local contractor here in town told me to follow my heart, but my heart is telling me two different things and I’m not sure which side to follow. I guess time will tell me what to do, so doing my HVAC rep job and just focusing on my music may be the best thing to do right now when I’m not sure what direction to move in. I also feel that if love walks into my life it will be a good sign that I should stay where I am at, but so far that hasn’t happened. For now I will clean my washable filter in my flat.

a/c professional