Energy saving help when you need it

I need to get outside because I’ve been in the flat all morning and it is now half past one in the afternoon and I am feeling like a caged animal that wants to run.

I will skip the bike this time and take a long walk to the end of the world and back so that when night comes and it is time for sleep my legs won’t be so tense like they have been from not walking.

I have had the flu for a week and haven’t been working out like I normally do. My geo heat pump did arrive last night though so it isn’t all bad news because now I am going to have some heat in this flat once again after it gets installed. I will rest for a couple more days first though because I am still low on energy and don’t want to push myself too much or I risk getting sick again. My air quality system is working well to filter out all of the germs in the flat and I just cleaned the HEPA filter last night so it should be good again here soon. I have had all of the windows closed in the flat for the whole week because I didn’t want to let any dust in the place and trigger my allergies because that would not be good for getting rid of the flu. I will get a heat pump install tech to help me with this thing next week and then I should be sitting pretty in this flat once again.

New heating