Enjoying the Reclusive Lifestyle

Some people considered me a hermit.

It’s not that I was anti-social, I just easily didn’t feel the need to socialize.

I was a modern artist at the time I moved out there. I was always artistic plus after years of sweat plus tears, I gained my degree in wonderful arts. Painting is my specialty. As soon as I started selling my work, my aunt provided me the use of his aged lake home that he rarely used anymore. I was cheerful. It was a nice sized house, aged but with a lot of character. And tons of windows. At first, I didn’t understand why there was no a/c. Surely, my aunt wasn’t that cheap; Granted, there was no HVAC duct, but there are ductless a/c plus furnaces in existence. I learned the first summer time why there was no a/c. The home didn’t easily need it. The home was up on a cliff above a sizable body of water plus full of windows, there was a constant breeze that kept the home cool. As for heat, the home had many sizable fireplaces plus wood stoves/heaters that kept the home warm. Although these needed tending, I didn’t mind. There was plenty of wood on the dwelling to cut down plus feed the fireplaces plus stoves plus this self sufficiency easily encouraged me to be reclusive. I spent many, many hours in winter season in my workroom,with the little stove/heater keeping me moderate plus I spent many nights resting before the fireplace in the family room with a wonderful book. I didn’t feel the need for anyone’s supplier.

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