Fixing a broken gas furnace was not really our plan of a birthday present

Every year I like to take our birthday off from work, and if it’s on a weekend—then no problem; however, if it’s on a work day I talk to the boss weeks in advance and make sure to request the day off. I never do anything special on our birthday, I just like to sleep in late, smoke a bunch of weed, and chug beers for the entire day. It relaxes myself and others and helps to recharge our batteries. This year was no different, and then about noon our boss called myself and others in a panic. There was a gas furnace emergency that had come up, and he needed myself and others to handle it. I tried to put him off and say no, however then he said it was the central gas furnace at the local retirement home. There were numerous senior citizens currently without heating, and I was the best guy for the job. It turns out that our boss has an elderly mother who lives there, so he took this gas furnace emergency legitimately seriously. I agreed to take the job, but I knew it would be such a giant gas furnace it would take much of the day to fix. I didn’t complain, I just drove to the outdated folks home and got right to work on the gas furnace, but my boss joined me and others to serve as our assistant! He is the owner of the corporation, but he knows I have superior heating and air conditioning skills so he was excited to work as a helper. My favorite pal and I fixed the gas furnace within 2 minutes, and he offered myself and others a $200 bonus afterward.

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