Fixing bad HVAC habits

I’m done playing.

That’s just how I feel when it comes to the cooling in our home.

I really don’t think I’m asking too much to just be mindful of the HVAC equipment and the thermostat. If we aren’t mindful, we end up with utility bills during the summer that are astronomical. That’s just not happening any longer. I’ve pleaded and tried to reason with my family. With the kids, it appears to go in one ear and out the other. But even my wife, who agrees with my premise, is guilty of letting the cooling run wild. For years, I’ve held family meetings and even gone to each family member individually to plead for help with the air conditioning. Yet, nothing changes and I end up with utility bills in August that have ballooned because nobody but me is taking the thermostat seriously. That changes this year. Actually, it’s already changed. But my family just doesn’t know it yet. I had a smart thermostat installed late last fall when the HVAC technician came out to do the heating maintenance. Of course, we don’t get much demand for heating down here so that’s not my concern. Yet with the smart thermostat, I know I have the ability to lock everyone else out of the manually operating thermostat. We are moving into March now and I’m so eager to see the first time that someone goes to crank down the air conditioning and can’t. I almost want to install a video camera so I can capture the moment. Going forward, I’m the only one with the code to operate the smart thermostat in manual mode. I tried to reason with my family but now, I’m just going to correct our bad HVAC habits.

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