Four air conditioning businesses are starting up

I have not gone outside yet because it started raining about an hour ago when I was about to leave.

I’ll write a few more of these stories and then go for a long walk with my umbrella if it’s still raining.

I need to get some exercise because trying to sleep at night without exercising for several days has been difficult because my legs keep twitching and I keep tossing and turning. But I think an hour walk should solve that problem, and this local supplier is just far enough away from where I live to walk there while also visiting an old friend. I’ll try to get some exercise later when the rain has stopped, but having the flu for the past week has left me with little energy to do anything. My dear HEPA filter salesman told me that this is a cleansing plus that I needed to get sick to shed the old me and make way for a new lady. I just want to get back into playing songs in our band like my associate and I used to do all the time, as well as get back on track with writing new songs. I am an air conditioning expert, but I can’t do much with my current condition, so I will rest for a few more days before returning to work for the new supplier and resume my life as I know it. I am thankful that my body has healed me from this terrible cold and that my immune system is still strong.

Local business