Four more cooling stories

I’m getting close to the end of my work, and soon I’ll be done for the afternoon.

In 90 minutes, I’m going to the store to get food, and then I’ll come home and do some yoga. After that, I’ll just do a short leg workout and then my friend and I will watch my friends play ball while standing in my beach chair and relaxing. I’ll go for a run or hit the ball around a bit, but I guess I’m done with playing sports. My friend and I will be cleaning and fixing ducts for the rest of the week as part of an important job for a commercial heating and cooling company near our city. This weekend, my friend and I are going to play all three days and maybe make a little money in the process. I want to get a new temperature control system soon and am saving money from the work I do for a local company so that I can buy a new one before winter comes. Today is a nice afternoon, and the weather isn’t too bad. My friend and I are just staying cool by opening the windows in our flat. There is a nice cross breeze, and my friend and I won’t need any air conditioning for a few more weeks or so. I guess it’s time for supper, and then my friend and I will come back and finish the rest of this writing before going to the local supplier to get some food. As the sun begins to set, my friend and I look forward to completing our writing tasks, grabbing supper, and heading to the local supplier for some food, making the most of this pleasant afternoon.

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