Free gas and a way too warm house

My in-laws have a natural gas well on their property… Because of this, they have an unlimited supply of free natural gas.

They run everything possible on gas, including their oven, dryer, water heater, barbecue grill plus oil furnace. There is no worry over the cost of heating. Their modern home is always too warm, however my family knows that no matter what time of year both of us visit my hubby’s parents, we’re going to sweat profusely. They don’t use the currency they save on heating bills to invest into central air conditioning. They suffer through the summer time with nothing however electric box fans. Although the summers in our local section are fairly short, the humidity is awful. The temperature sometimes soars into the mid nineties. The modern home can get harshly warm plus stuffy. As soon as the weather begins to cool off, they turn up the control component plus run the oil furnace, then on those afternoons when the temperature is mild enough to open the windows plus love some fresh air, they blast the heating system. My family has dinner on Thanksgiving plus Christmas at my in-laws house! Even if the outdoor weather is snowy plus down to sub zero temperatures, both of us pack shorts plus T-shirts. The people I was with and I argue over who gets to take the garbage out to the garage where it’s cooler! When my mother-in-law isn’t paying attention, both of us try to sneak a window open or lower the control unit. By the time both of us leave, I normally have a bad headache! I don’t know why my in-laws need to keep their modern home so warm. It’s so uncomfortable that both of us never stay all that long.
Air conditioning worker