Get married to the Heating and Air Conditioning guy

When I first had a heating and air conditioner guy come out to my house, I never expected that in 5 years from that day that I would end up marrying him.

However, that is exactly how our lives turned out.

This is because from the honestly first day that my buddy and I meant, my buddy and I had an instant linkion. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I had stressed an appointment with a heating and AC business because I was having trouble with my thermostat. I had an seasoned dial thermostat and nothing costly smart thermostat, and yet even my dial thermostat was giving me complications! Nothing would toil and I could not adjust the temperature in my apartment at all. I was hoping that a heating and air conditioner specialist would be able to fix it for me so I stressed an appointment with the nearest Heating and cooling corporation. It didn’t take long for the heating and AC guy to make his way out to my apartment and get to toil repairing my thermostat. However when he got out to my home, I could not help however notice how handsome he was; My friend and I talked a lot while he was working and my buddy and I had a lot in common. It was this linkion that made him ask me out and my buddy and I dated for 5 years before we had eventually got married. Being married to a heating and AC worker has a lot of perks. My friend and I never have to worry about our heating and cooling system splitting down.


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