Getting a home upgrade that we saved for five years to get: An electric heat pump!

When we bought our house, we got a cooling technician to assess how long the cooling unit that was already installed would last us before we’d need to have it replaced with new cooling technology.

The cooling specialist did the inspection and said that, at most, we had six more years before it stopped being an effective climate control tool.

That was a breath of relief for my wife and me. We had enough time to save for new cooling equipment, preferably an electric heat pump like the one we’d seen at our college friend’s house because it came in highly recommended. The local service provider almost convinced us that we could replace it immediately if we opted to pay for the new HVAC installation using the interest-free monthly installation plan they offered their customers, but we were okay waiting. In any case, that option would have been an additional financial burden because we were still paying the mortgage for our new home, and the unit we had was still functioning well enough to help with indoor comfort. Our biggest fear was that the old unit would give up on us before the five-year target or that the cost of the unit we wanted would increase before we bought it. So, we opted to find an HVAC business with quality AC service provision, and we were lucky that the local service provider came in highly recommended. Through the maintenance services offered by the cooling corporation technicians, we could keep the HVAC unit running for four and a half years until it got damaged beyond repair, and we had no option but to call the HVAC contractor for a replacement two months before we’d scheduled.


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