Getting custom oak chairs

The table makes everything in the house look cheap

I will disclose that I am a bit deranged about custom furniture now, however it wasn’t something that was on my radar until recently. I needed a dining room table for a smaller kitchen plus could not find anything of quality! Apparently when you want a smaller table you are choosing something cheap, tacky, plus made of pressboard, that didn’t fly with me! So I then found a custom furniture builder plus asked about pricing. I figured having someone build me oak furniture by hand would cost a lot. It does, however not as much as you think, however consider all the greater department stores that offer furniture plus what they charge, and having someone make you a furniture piece out of solid wood isn’t that much more extravagant. I enjoyed that I got to decide everything, then for me the size of the piece was pivotal. I needed it to fit on one small wall in the kitchen plus be a rectangle. It is only slightly larger on two sides though, so basically a square, my particular dimensions, request for oak, plus height requirements made it so custom buying was the only choice. I now have my finished piece in the dining room plus just love it. I am greedy for more custom pieces. The table makes everything in the house look cheap. I want to replace my dining room cabinets, TV stand, ottoman, plus end tables. I guess everything should match plus be done through the same company! Oak furniture looks great, holds up well, plus is regularly classy.


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