Getting my usual HVAC tune ups

When I had my respected heating and cooling tune ups I had no idea that it was going to end badly.

I have my heating and A/C system to be done every six months.

I do this to ensure that my heating and A/C system stays in tip top condition. What I never planned on was that somebody would get injured while trying to maintain my heating and cooling system. It started out as a normal afternoon, I had my HVAC appointment that afternoon and the heating and A/C woman came out to perform the maintenance on my heating and air conditioning system. It was nothing out of the ordinary until about a half an hour into the maintenance job. All of a sudden I heard the HVAC system worker scream. When I heard this I ran out to check on him and see if he was okay and I saw that he had injured himself while repairing the heating and air conditioning system. His arm was all cut up and he was bleeding, okay I had some bandages from a first aid kit in the home and I helped him mend his wound. It wasn’t a serious one, not anything that would require a trip to the hospital but he was able to finish the heating and A/C job as a result of the injury. I didn’t mind too much. I just wanted to make sure that he was okay. I could always hire another heating and A/C worker to come and maintain my HVAC system anytime. This just goes to show that people that are not professionals shouldn’t work on heating and A/C systems, because if even an HVAC professional can make a mistake every now and then imagine the amount of mistakes someone that does not know what they’re doing could make.


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