Getting ready for cold temperatures

I have really enjoyed the winter season so far.

  • We have had some areas of snow.

However it has not been very cold. I have been told though that the weather coming up will be very cold. It is supposed to go into the negatives. It is going to start to get very cold. I’m going to make sure that I change my air filter for the month to ensure that my system will work properly. I already had my tune up in the fall too. I always make sure to get my tune up in the fall because I feel that it is much more difficult to go without an HVAC system during the winter time. I cannot imagine not having heat in my house for several days if that were the case. So I made sure to get my tune up during the fall when I knew that the cold weather would be coming. I usually don’t get a tune up in the spring because you really only need a tune-up once per year. So I find that it is better to get the tune up right before winter when it is still fresh. If I did not have air conditioning during the summer time I think I would be okay. It wouldn’t be as big of a deal as if I were left without heat during the winter time. I do enjoy the winter but I do not enjoy the winter without heat my house. That is what helps me to keep warm and get a break from the very cold temperatures we get here in this area.

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