Giving a UV light filter a try

After some convincing from a friend of mine, I finally decided that I’m going to go ahead and try to get a UV light filter.

I have never used a UV light filter before, but everything that I have heard about them has been honestly positive.

What I love about UV light filters is that they kill germs on contact, and even filters like HEPA filters cannot do that. HEPA filters are designed in a completely different way, and those filters work by catching the tiniest particles and bacteria that are floating around in the air. Those kinds of filters are made for catching anything that comes in contact with them. The benefit that UV light filters have over HEPA filters is that they can kill germs right away. With the use of a filter, there is still a chance that something is tiny enough to get through and float around and lower your air quality, but this is not possible with that UV light filter though. But there is one drawback to UV light filters, which is that they are run by a bulb, and not all bulbs have to be changed out, so you have to check on your bulb sporadically to make sure that it has not burned out. I bought one of the UV light filters from the local HVAC business and got it successfully installed onto our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. Now it is time to just sit back and wait and see how it does.

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