Giving back with HVAC

I love to give back to others through HVAC.Often when others show kindness toward us, we like to have something in return to show our thanks, I do this through HVAC.

I have been blessed with a wide knowledge and skill in fixing heating and cooling units.

Once when my neighbor made my wife and I a dinner, I decided to go over to their house and fix their central air conditioner for them for free. I soon realized that I thoroughly enjoy helping people and fixing their heating and cooling units for them, so I decided to find other ways to help people using my HVAC skills. I went to a veterans home and offered to be their HVAC unit. I told them that whenever their central air container or furnace had problems or stopped working, I would come and fix it for them for free. I have had two different opportunities to help the veteran home with their heating and cooling units, and enjoyed every minute of it. Last week I had another opportunity to give back to others using my HVAC skills. I was driving past the police station when I noticed that their central air conditioning unit was spitting out sparks. I pulled over and notified the police chief about the ac unit. I offered to fix the central air conditioner for them for free, and they accepted. Although it was a lot of work fixing that central air conditioner, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to help out the police in our community. I have had several other opportunities to give back to others through heating and cooling repair.



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