Go replace your Heating and Air Conditioning system

It’s coming to an end.

Bethany feels at times she is running out of energy because of work.

She has been working a ton. Bethany still cares about writing and she knows she can accomplish it but summer time work is cramping her style. Just one more story to write and she can have it done. Writing about HVAC, heating and cooling, a/c, heaters, fireplaces, and whatever about the list of items she has can be entertaining. She learned some other articles and stories and found some other people to write pretty fascinating stuff. A lot of her stuff is just random memory thoughts. Bethany can stare at her Beetlejuice poster and create a story about how he needed help from the a/c to say his name three times. It’s just random stuff that she thinks of. Bethany remembers some of her earlier stuff. She wrote about twins running an HVAC business or R2D2 being a portable a/c unit, but that one was truly her favorite one to write. She takes her article writing seriously while having a lot of fun with it. There are times she’ll run into rough patches and struggle with what to say or write. Bethany feels that is usual with everything in life and that is ok. She knows she will hit a point where her head is staring at the laptop screen too much. There are times when she is overthinking it when it can just be so simple to do. Writing articles or stories about heating and cooling is certainly simple. Bethany knows she should never stress over it. By the way, go substitute your HVAC system.



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