GrainMole! Can you Turn on the Central Heating System?

That’s how my niece says Grandmother every afternoon about 200 times.

Grainmole! She is nine plus has a different way of saying Grandmother when he is calling out to my aunt.

Grainmole! Imagine hearing that all afternoon when you are trying to write, it might get a bit stale after a while. Thank goodness for noise canceling headphones plus wonderful flute songs to drown out the sounds while I am laboring. Grainmole! I’m just chugging along this week with my writing work while listening to an occasional grainmole in the background, and i’ll be in another life soon, laboring for the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C business that employs me, plus wishing I could hear a grainmole while I wipe out ductwork for a client or business. I didn’t sleep a lot last night because I ate too much dark chocolate plus was indulging in Youtube videos of people camping in the frozen north in the woods till way too late. This week I am helping my local corporation neighbor do some heating plus cooling component repairs for a few hours. Grainmole, there goes another one. I feel he says one grainmole about every five to six minutes if I am correct, which makes about 200 of them in a whole afternoon from morning till night; The media air cleaner in my home office helps drown out a lot of the grainmoles during the afternoon, but periodically one will squeak by. I am going to have to eat something soon because my stomach is starting to chirp a bit, but I’ll try plus knock out about five more articles before doing so. Grainmole!

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