Hanging out on the beach with air conditioning

We wrote a pretty cool song about being great on the beach in our neighborhood, and a lot of people are singing it.

I just like making songs, and once my friend and I get our RV, my band and I are planning to go on tour in the future.

My bandmate is going to buy an RV soon, and he says that once he does, he and his family will live in this same small neighborhood instead of the big one nearby where they live now. If they live here, my friend and I can practice a lot and do some shows in local dealers around the neighborhood to get our feet wet. Then, my friend and I will plan a tour of the country, stopping in all of the big and small cities to do shows and spread rock ‘n’ roll. We work at a heating dealership during the day and play rock ‘n’ roll on the streets at night to practice and get tips from kind people. I think it will be fun to travel around in a nice RV, and I’m looking forward to that part of my life starting soon. That would be fun, as long as the RV has good heating and cooling so my friend and I can be comfortable as we go from gig to gig. I’ll help pay for gas, and there will actually be four of us, so my friend and I will split the gas four ways, which should make it much easier for most people… Our wives sell heating and cooling systems online, so it works out perfectly.
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