He tried to bake cookies in the air vents

Our child is twelve years old, and there is a space of two hours from when he gets home from university, and we get home from work.

He is not to be outside, answer the iphone, let anyone into the house, while we are not home.

The other rule we gave him is to never use the stove when we weren’t home. I was always simply afraid of him getting burnt, or the household burning down. He was absolutely nice about the rules. He stays in the household and gets his homework done. I will call him, but he won’t answer the iphone. He also wouldn’t let his Grandpa inside when we weren’t home! Around Christmas time, I promised him we would make cookies. He also wanted to bake some when he got home, but he knew he couldn’t use the stove. I also had some cookie dough at home, and he thought he might use the microwave. The boiler was going on and off and he got an idea. He thought if he put a plate of cookie dough on a plate, he could put it on the air vent, and the heat would slowly cook the cookie dough. He walked to the study room to do his homework, and forgot about the cookie dough. When we got home, all I could smell was cookies, and the dough had gone into the air vent. It smelled nice in the house, but the air vent was a mess. My pal and I had to call the heating, ventilation, and A/C corporation and have someone come out and wash the HVAC duct and HVAC duct. The dough had liquefied, and it was deep in the HVAC duct in that area. I had to commend him for not using the stove, but he shouldn’t have used the air vent, either.