He’s not completely averse to risk

Jeremy is the sort who prefers structure and sort of knowing what’s going to happen.

Getting hit with some sort of dire challenge without any preparation is something he doesn’t enjoy too much.

Whether it’s in the commercial Heating and A/C of his office for the central A/C in his home, Jeremy does his best to manage risk. He’s not necessarily completely averse to risk. Living this life without taking any risks is not living life at all. At the same time, Jeremy does his best to be acceptable when it comes to risks. The fact is, there are so many things that happen randomly he has to deal with. So the more he can manage expectations and risk, the better off he is when he does have to deal with something challenging. One thing Jeremy tries to avoid is risking anything that is essential. That goes for the heating and cooling inside his new home as well. He lives in a region where quality heating and air is a necessity. The winters are cold and Jeremy needs the gas furnace to keep him warm. And the summer time is a scorcher so he needs plenty of A/C as well. This means Jeremy needs to eliminate the risk of Heating and A/C unit down time by being proactive. He belongs to the Heating and A/C repair method provided by his Heating and A/C business. This ensures that the Heating and A/C unit is getting correct Heating and A/C service in the fall and again in the Spring. And that goes a long way towards eliminating any risk that the Heating and A/C unit would not manage to provide the quality heating and air that he depends upon.

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