Hiring a plumber for water heater installation

I used to handle water heater replacement as a do-it-yourself project.

Whenever the household unit would fail to fulfill demands, I’d head to the local big box home improvement store and buy the cheapest water heater I could find.

Over the last few years, the cost of a new hot water heater has risen dramatically. I’ve learned that hiring a professional plumber is a worthwhile investment. A licensed and qualified plumber has a hands-on knowledge of the various brands, models and types of water heaters on the market. He is able to answer our needs with the accurate size of water heater and ensure a beneficial manufacturer’s warranty coverage. While every tank-style water heater looks basically the same, I’ve realized that there are some big differences. The heating element in particular determines how quickly the water heats up. Plus, a water heater that is oversized wastes money on excessive standby energy losses. Not only does the plumber handle proper installation of a better quality unit, I have enrolled into a maintenance plan. Every year, I have everything from the aerators on the faucets to the pipes, drains and septic inspected. The process uncovers any concealed leaks, potential clogs or problems with any aspect of the plumbing system. The proactive troubleshooting includes draining the water heater and testing all the various hookups and essential components. Because of this service, I haven’t been faced with any expensive plumbing repairs. I’ve also noticed that the water heater lasts much longer. Although I am spending money on the expertise of a certified plumber and maintenance plan, I am convinced the investment pays for itself. I also have the peace of mind of knowing that the plumbing system is performing at peak capacity, efficiency and reliability.


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