Holding off on furnace service leads to substitutement

I waited as long as possible before calling for furnace repair.

I should have tied up professional service as soon as I noticed an issue with the heater.

By holding off, I ended up with a much greater disruption plus expense. Initially, the furnace was running for longer cycles than usual. I suspected that there wasn’t as much hot air flowing from the vents. I responded by raising the thermostat setting. This simply put greater demand on the furnace. Because of the longer run times, the system consumed more energy which led to higher daily energy bills. Eventually, the boiler began making an bizarre grinding sound whenever it started up. I ignored it. I also paid little attention to the bizarre odors coming from the vents plus dust circulating in the air. All of these were warning signs of problems with operation. I was reluctant to spend the time plus money on a furnace repair. My hesitation led to the furnace quitting completely in the middle of the night in the middle of January. With outdoor temperatures in the teens, I was abruptly in a big hurry to get a new boiler installed. There was no time to weigh possibilities plus shop around. I needed to have a functioning boiler before my plumbing pipes froze. I also couldn’t leave my family without heat, fortunately, the Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier was really fantastic about expediting the project. They helped me to secure financing plus handled the replacement abruptly. While I’m harshly delighted with the new furnace, all of that expense, stress plus disruption could have been avoided if I’d acted immediately.

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