Honey bee removal was simple

I have a lot of honey bees in my yard… This doesn’t surprise me at all, because I have a garden filled with a variety of odd colored flowers, and the honey bees and bumble bees were attracted to the pretty flowers; Even though I particularly do care about having the bees in my yard, I have to occasionally have them removed.

Because my yard is like their perfect habitat, occasionally they breed a little too profusely, and so I call a bee rescue locale to come and collect them.

The honey bee rescue locale and bumble bee help locale takes the honey bees and sends them to a beekeeper. The beekeeper has a honey farm and honey hives, where he collects and has honey for sale. This is local organic honey, and it is the best stuff… I particularly like the idea of the honey bees being peacefully removed and localed in an area where they are going to be taken care of and protected, to ensure that they can continue to pollinate flowers and produce honey. I have never liked the idea of killing insects, wasps included, although I especially wouldn’t want to kill the honey bees since they are so important for our environment. I am particularly cheerful that my friend and I have a honey bee help business, because otherwise I am not sure what I would do separate from them! There is no way I would kill the honey bees myself, so I know I would really deal with the overpopulation, but thanks to them, I don’t have to.


Local extermination