House hunting with an HVAC professional

Morris deserves the best brother award. My brother Morris has moved heaven and earth to ensure I am comfortable. It has always been the two of us in this life. When I moved out of his house, he would have none of it. I told him that I was all grown up and needed time on my own, but in reality, I wanted to give him space so that he could build his own life and hopefully have a family. Mori works as an HVAC professional, and he went through the HVAC equipment of the house I moved into with a fine-toothed comb. He had rejected several places claiming that the air quality or the HVAC was of poor quality. I knew they were all excuses to delay my moving out, but I knew he would run out of reasons sooner or later. When he eventually did, with the last house, he ensured that the indoor air quality was excellent. He bought me a whole-home air purification unit to help with air purification as a housewarming gift. Be did the duct cleaning himself and replaced the air filter, even though it would have saved me another month. The house had a smart HVAC and good air purification help, but the air purification system was a nice addition. I was assured of free home service for as long as Mori breathed; he would forever be my go-to HVAC technician. It was tough for me to leave his house, but I would not let it show because he would be a little short of forcing me to stay if I showed any distress.



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