HVAC technician disaster

Yesterday I woke up to an HVAC disaster.

I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night to find a giant puddle of water on the floor next to my HVAC closet.

I thought maybe my son had split something in the middle of the night and just didn’t clean it up, to be honest this has happened before. Once I did a little bit more investigation I realized that the puddle was coming from my air conditioner. It seemed like there was a steady drip but I could not figure out what caused the leak. I immediately called a local HVAC company to come over and inspect my machine. However, I was not expecting the result that I received. The HVAC technician arrived two hours after our scheduled appointment time. I decided to look past it because I really needed to figure out what was going on with my air conditioner. After the HVAC technician arrived late, he was also unprepared to do his job. He told me that the reason my air conditioner was leaking was because the filter had not been changed and dust particles were building up. He said in order to unclog my HVAC unit he would need a special vacuum, but he did not have it with him. So he had to leave my house to go get his vacuum. This trip back to his shop took another two hours, maybe he decided to stop for lunch along the way. I could not believe the unprofessionalism from this HVAC technician. I will not be calling them to service my HVAC system ever again!


HVAC technician disaster